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meniscal repair

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    • Dovetail meniscal allograft set 0 small
      • The technique used with the Dovetail Meniscal Transplant Set creates a trapezoidal bone block allograft for a bone-to-bone interlock, requiring no additional bone graft fixation. The soft tissue/meniscus portion of the graft still needs to be sutured/fixed. The instrumentation easily and consistently prepares the patient's recipient trough …
    • Meniscal fixation 0 small
      • Meniscal tears are one of the most common problems treated by orthopedic surgeons today. The meniscus plays an important role in knee stability and distribution of forces within the knee joint and therefore should be repaired whenever possible. Due to its poor blood supply and challenging tear patterns, repair of the torn meniscus can present …
    • Meniscal fixation and transplant 0 small
      • The Arthrex approach to meniscal repair and reconstruction is represented by Arthrex meniscal fixation and transplant products. Meniscal fixation solutions include the Meniscal Cinch, Meniscal Dart and Meniscal Needles. Meniscal Transplant systems include either the Dovetail Meniscal Allograft Set or the use of other miscellaneous Arthrex …