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medial meniscus repair

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    • Meniscal repair technique 0 small
      • The Meniscal Cinch device allows surgeons to consistently repair meniscus tears with an all-inside arthroscopic technique, eliminating the need for accessory incisions required for traditional inside/out techniques that often result in additional morbidity.Depending on the tear pattern and location, the Meniscal Cinch all-inside repair gives …
    • Meniscal repair 0 small
      • A series of meniscal repair options are now available to treat the wide range of meniscal tears encountered. Secure and reliable repairs are performed based on the tear location with the Meniscal Dart™ implant, Meniscal Viper™ suture passer or 2-0 FiberWire® suture with Meniscal Needles. Hybrid repairs afford reliable fixation …
    • Meniscal root repair product 0 small
      • Position this specially designed adjustable drill guide and marking hook over the back of the tibia for reproducible meniscal root repair. The adjustable guide can be set to a 5 mm, 7.5 mm, or 10 mm offset from the posterior tibia for socket creation using a 6 mm or 7 mm FlipCutter® drill to create a 5 mm- to 10 mm-deep socket. Rotate the …