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    • Elbow 0 small
      • Driving innovation with the latest technological products and procedures to treat a variety of elbow conditions.
    • Knee obturator for posterior portals 0 small
      • The Knee Obturator has been specially designed to simplify the location and creation of posterior knee portals as well as introduction of a working cannula. Posterior portals are often necessary for several common procedures such as; loose body removal, PCL reconstruction, meniscal root avulsion repair, and popliteal cyst …
    • Portal creation and cannulas 0 small
      • Arthrex offers a variety of innovative plastic and flexible silicone cannulas with multiple sizes and retaining options.  The majority of the plastic cannulas are translucent for arthroscopy to allow surgeons to visualize instrumentation and sutures passing through the cannula.  The new PassPort Cannulas offer a double-dam, one-piece …