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    • Lisfranc fracture repair 0 small
      • The successful treatment of Lisfranc joint injuries includes the achievement and maintenance of an anatomic reduction. The failure to achieve an anatomic reduction, a failure of fixation or a failure to maintain proper postoperative immobilization can contribute to an unsuccessful outcome.The Mini TightRope provides an alternative to both pin …
    • Mini tightrope technique hallux valgus 0 small
      • The Mini TightRope® procedure is useful as an alternative or adjunct method for reduction of the intermetatarsal angle. A FiberWire® and button construct is placed across (distally or proximally) the first and second metatarsals. Reduction of the IMA is obtained with a clamp. The Mini TightRope is tightened and tied.  The reduced …
    • Mini tightrope technique 0 small
      • The Mini TightRope® is a low profile system designed to correct a number of forefoot deformities including hallux valgus, Lisfranc disruptions, Tailor’s bunion and hallux varus. Comprised of #2 FiberWire and two stainless steel buttons, this device improves foot and ankle patient care with its strength and versatility.  A FiberWire and …