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    • Glenohumeral instability 0 small
      • Glenohumeral instability may arise from an acute injury or become a chronic disorder due to multiple injuries. Most often, anterior instability occurs after Glenohumeral dislocation/subluxation. Posterior instability occurs, more commonly, in contact athletes (football, lacrosse). Superior Labral Tears (SLAP Tears) do not result in instability …
    • Lareral decubitus 0 small
      • The Lateral Decubitus Shoulder Traction Tower allows for abduction, forward flexion and traction during open and arthroscopic procedures. The single boom arm can be easily adjusted with two independent hand cranks for simplified intraoperative adjustment. This tower attaches easily to the standard O.R. table Clark Rail. The …
    • Lateral positioners 0 small
      • Arthrex offers unique lateral arm positioning systems with the 3-Point Shoulder Distraction System and STaR Sleeve, and the TRIMANO Arm Holder to provide simple patient set-up, access and adjustability.
    • Shoulder limb positioners 0 small
      • The Arthrex line of limb and patient positioners provides safe, effective and easy positioning of the shoulder during arthroscopic or open shoulder surgeries.