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      • Arthrex offers a complete line of laparoscopes designed and optimized for the SynergyHD3™ Imaging System.  All laparoscopes are fully autoclavable and offer superior image quality.  Arthrex’s laparoscopes provide enhanced depth of field, brightness, field of flatness and contrast.  The distal, scratch-resistant …
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      • Arthrex’s purchase of Arthrex California Technology (ACT) in Santa Barbara, California is the decisive step in becoming a market leader in the endoscopy field. With hundreds of years of endoscopy experience, ACT has developed a breakthrough video technology, SynergyHD3™ Imaging System, with an overall theme of simple sophistication. This …
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      • Arthrex® revolutionized the 3.0 mm, 5.5 mm and 10 mm laparoscopes by redesigning the optics to increase the clarity and resolution for the SynergyUHD4™ 4K Ultra HD.  All Arthrex laparoscopes are fully autoclavable and offer superior image quality. Arthrex's laparoscopes provide enhanced depth-of-field, brightness, field of …