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    • Proximal tibial osteotomy 0 small
      • In the treatment of lower extremity malalignment and osteoarthritis, high tibial osteotomy is a procedure that allows for the realignment of the lower extremity and thereby either shifts the weight-bearing access to the healthier portion of the knee or corrects the alignment deformity. Osteotomies can be performed concomitantly with the ACL …
    • Knee tibial opening wedge 0 small
      • After determining the angle of correction preoperatively, the medial exposure of the tibia is established and the anterior, medial, and posterior soft tissues are safely elevated. The tibial osteotomy then begins by placing the Arthrex® HTO Cutting Guide on the medial tibia and drilling two 2.4 mm guide pins to within approximately 1 cm of the …
    • Total knee arthroplasty 0 small
      • Total knee replacement surgery is indicated in patients presenting with multicompartmental arthritic changes, pain and deformity that are not amenable to preservative surgical options such as osteotomy or partial knee replacement. The Arthrex® iBalance® TKA system is part of the iBalance family of advanced solutions to …