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hip labral tear

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    • Hip debridement 0 small
      • Debridement of degenerated labrum, chondral flaps, or synovitis is easily accomplished with Arthrex's selection of hip-length straight or curved shaver blades and ApolloRF® ablaters designed specifically for hip arthroscopic procedures.
    • Graft prep 0 small
      • An intra-articular measurement is taken to determine the needed allograft length. On a graft prep station, the allograft is cut to length and both ends are whipstitched using the Arthrex FiberLoop®.   
    • Suture passing 0 small
      • Suture passing is made easy with the wide variety of instruments from Arthrex, including SwiftStitch™, SutureLasso™, BirdBeak®, and Penetrator™ suture passers.