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      • A capsulotomy is typically made through the iliofemoral ligament once the anterolateral and midanterior portals are established, allowing better access to the hip joint. This is performed with a retractable cannulated knife and/or CapsuleCut™ disposable blade, shavers, and radiofrequency devices.
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      • Achieve labral fixation by placing sutures through the labrum in simple or labral base stitch configurations using any Arthrex suture passer. Standard and Knotless SutureTak® and FiberTak® anchors should be placed prior to passing the repair suture, while PushLock® anchors should be placed after passing the repair suture.
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      • Using one of a number of Arthrex suture passing devices, stitches are placed in the labrum.  This can be of the simple suture configuration or labral base stitch with a single pass or in vertical mattress fashion.  When using SutureTak, the anchor is placed before passing the stitch.  If using a PushLock anchor the stitch is …
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      • Removal of the Cam or Pincer lesion with or without takedown and repair of the acetabular labrum. This may also include removal of the Cam lesion.