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    • Acl pcl set 0 small
      • The ACL/PCL Cortical Fixation Case is a system that incorporates a variety of fixation options. The set includes low-profile 4.5 mm cortical, 6.5 mm cortical, and 6.5 mm cancellous screw options. It also includes low-profile spiked washers and ligament staples.   The screws have extremely low profile heads to reduce soft tissue irritation. …
    • Low profile cancellous screw and washer 0 small
      • The cancellous screw has an extremely low profile head to reduce soft tissue irritation. A step drill with laser depth marking countersinks the screw head flush to bone when used as a suture fixation post. The smooth shank with suture groove orients the sutures safely under the head during screw insertion. The optional, low profile spiked washer …
    • Post and washer 0 small
      • Arthrex offers a full line of low profile Post and Washer products for knee reconstruction procedures.  Surgeons may choose from Bi-Cortical and Cancellous posts in both titanium and bioabsorbable materials.  Low profile, spiked or smooth washers are available in multiple sizes and can be used in conjunction with the screws if …