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    • Univers revers technique 0 small
      • The Univers Revers is an inverse shoulder prosthesis that medializes and inferiorizes the center of rotation of the shoulder joint, lengthening the lever arm of the deltoid and increasing the tension of the muscle. Thus the deltoid muscle can partly compensate for the deficient rotator cuff muscles. Scapular notching is considered to …
    • Eclipse technique 0 small
      • The Eclipse System has been used successfully to treat primary and posttraumatic osteoarthritis, and has been supported by several clinical publications in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, including a thorough 9-year prospective cohort that began in 2005.1 The technique and the system's streamlined instrumentation allow for clinically …
    • Keel glenoid 0 small
      • The Keel Glenoid, for use with Univers II and Eclipse systems, combines the key features of dual fenestrations for enhanced anchoring and reverse barbs for expansion effect within the glenoid vault as well as increased cement contact area. 
    • Shoulder arthroscopy retractor set 0 small
      • This comprehensive retractor set consists of over 25 standard and specialty retractors. The set is the most extensive shoulder arthroplasty-specific retractor grouping on the market and includes Fakudas, Darrachs, Hohmanns, Gelpis, Richardsons, Kolbels, anterior/posterior Glenoid retractors, Cobras, a Browne Deltoid Retractor, and much more. …