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fixation options for AC reconstruction

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    • Chronic ac joint reconstruction technique 0 small
      • The Chronic AC Joint Reconstruction technique involves reconstruction of chronic AC joint separations anatomically using a tendon graft with backup mechanical fixation. The technique uses 5.5 mm x 8 mm PEEK Tenodesis Screws to achieve strong graft fixation in the clavicle that allows for the recreation of the conoid and trapezoid …
    • Twintail tightrope technique 0 small
      • In the ongoing evolution of treating AC joint injuries, the Twin Tail TightRope® features two independent clavicle buttons designed to help reduce and stabilize the AC joint for open, acute AC repairs. Like the AC TightRope® and GraftRope®, each clavicle button is independently joined to the coracoid button with a continuous loop of #5 …