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    • Bursectomy 0 small
      • An arthroscopic approach can be used to release a portion of the iliotibail band followed by removal of the trochanteric bursa using mechanized shaver blades. 
    • It band release 0 small
      • To resect the trochanteric bursa, introduce the arthroscope deep to the IT band and make a small window. Most of the pathology lies just posterior to the greater trochanter. A diamond shape is often made to release the IT band to treat external snapping hip syndrome.
    • Snapping hip release 0 small
      • External snapping hip requires release of the iliotibial band and resection of the trochanteric bursa.  Internal snapping hip requires release of the iliopsoas (psoas) tendon. These procedures are often performed with shaver blades, radio frequency probes, and knife blades.