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CMC (carpometacarpal)

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    • Hand and wrist bio tenodesis screw system 0 small
      • The Bio-Tenodesis screw system makes ligament and tendon repairs and reconstructions easier by eliminating the need for transosseous tunnel drilling and graft tensioning. The Bio-Tenodesis cannulated drivers enable simple and reproducible “push-in” seating and tensioning of the graft and suture limbs into the bony socket prior to …
    • Hand and wrist mini tightrope 0 small
      • The Mini TightRope fixation system provides a unique means to suspend the thumb metacarpal and can be used after trapezial resection or removal for treatment of CMC arthritis or thumb CMC instability, and in case of revision with proximal migration after failed tendon reconstruction.The Mini TightRope implant supports and maintains the thumb and …
    • Ligament reconstruction tendon interposition 0 small
      • After removal or resection of the trapezium the FCR tendon is routed through the base of the 1st metacarpal via a pre drilled and sized hole. The Arthrex QuickPass Tendon Shuttle is used to help facilitate passage of the tendon through the drill tunnel. Once passed the graft is tensioned to obtain appropriate suspension and a 4 x10 or 4.75 x 15 …
    • Mini tightrope cmc technique 0 small
      • The Mini TightRope technique provides a unique method for stabilization of the thumb metacarpal following trapezial resection or removal for the treatment of CMC arthritis. The Mini TightRope technique can also be used as an adjunct and stabilizer in CMC instability and in the case of revision with proximal migration after tendon reconstruction. …
    • Hand and wrist tenodesis 0 small
      • The Tenodesis products are designed to eliminate transosseous tunnels in tendon repairs and ligament reconstructions. The 3 x 8 Tenodesis Screw System provides solid interference fixation and exact tensioning in ligament reconstructions and tendon repairs. With the Bio-Tenodesis cannulated drivers, simple “push-in” seating and tensioning of the …
    • Hand and wrist tightrope 0 small
      • The TightRope® is a unique form of fixation which provides flexible suture based fixation. Comprised of two opposing stainless steel buttons and #2 FiberWire® this one size fit all device improves upon hand and wrist patient care with its immediate strength and versatility.