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cartilage restoration

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    • Cartilage allograft 0 small
      • As part of the Allograft OATS® procedure, Arthrex offers cartilage allografts for the replacement of lesions with new cartilage.  [content conditional(includeCountries=AT\,CH\,DK\,SE\,BE\,NO\,NL\,GB,content====Disclaimer: Allograft product offer depends on country approval and availability at LifeNet Health.====)]
    • Cartilage repair 0 small
      • Arthrex offers several different cartilage repair treatment options that treat a variety of cartilage indications.  For indications that require a microfracturing type technique, traditional microfracture awls are available as well as newer options like the Arthrex PowerPick, which allows for microdrilling up to 4 mm deep into the …