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    • Calcaneal fracture 0 small
      • Calcaneal fractures are typically the result of high-energy mechanisms such as a fall from a height or an automobile accident. Arthrex offers many solutions for these injuries, including: Calcaneal Fracture Management System Includes perimeter and percutaneous plates 5.0/7.0 mm Compression FT Screws 4.5/6.7 mm LPS Cannulated …
    • Calcaneal fracture system 0 small
      • Arthrex designed the Calcaneal Fracture Management System to give surgeons the tools required to address all calcaneal fractures using either the extensile lateral or sinus tarsi approach. Anatomically designed plates - 17 plate options Percutaneous guides – Provide targeting for the minimally invasive sinus tarsi incision Low profile …
    • Calcaneal osteotomy 0 small
      • A calcaneal osteotomy is a common technique used to treat stage II flatfoot deformity. Arthrex's recently launched Minimally Invasive Surgery platform allows surgeons to perform this osteotomy through a tiny incision. Surgeons can then achieve fixation using the 7.0 mm Compression FT screws or the 6.5 Compression PT screws. Alternatively, …
    • Lateral column lengthening 0 small
      • Arthrex offers multiple implant options for lateral column lengthening procedures including the BioSync® titanium porous wedges or the AlloSync™ allograft wedges. Both products are available in several shapes and sizes, allowing surgeons to choose between a permanent structural implant or an allograft implant.