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    • Beach chair positioners 0 small
      • Arthrex offers unique Beach Chair patient positioning systems with the Lift-Assist Beach Chair Positioner and the TRIMANO Arm Holder to provide simple set-up, access and adjustability.
    • Glenohumeral instability 0 small
      • Glenohumeral instability may arise from an acute injury or become a chronic disorder due to multiple injuries. Most often, anterior instability occurs after Glenohumeral dislocation/subluxation. Posterior instability occurs, more commonly, in contact athletes (football, lacrosse). Superior Labral Tears (SLAP Tears) do not result in instability …
    • Baechchair positioner 0 small
      • The lift-assist Beach Chair Positioner System allows unobstructed posterior access and makes repositioning the patient quick and easy. The free-sliding head positioner feature protects the patient’s neck when raising and lowering the table and the fold-away shoulder wings remove completely for unobstructed shear-free access to the …
    • Shoulder limb positioners 0 small
      • The Arthrex line of limb and patient positioners provides safe, effective and easy positioning of the shoulder during arthroscopic or open shoulder surgeries.