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arthroscopic leg holder

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    • Knee positioning 0 small
      • Arthrex is committed to providing a variety of leg positioning systems based on surgeon preferences, and the latest technological innovations. As techniques advance in sports medicine, the type of holders needed for those procedures need to change as well. Therefore, Arthrex continues to examine the needs of surgeons and bring …
    • Low profile leg holder 0 small
      • Designed with an internal Velcro™ lining to accommodate a pressure tourniquet or foam insert, the Low Profile Leg Holder provides secure control of the thigh during varus/valgus manipulation or internal/external lower leg rotation. By incorporating the tourniquet in the leg holder, maximum exposure of the distal thigh is obtained, essential …
    • Pivot post 0 small
      • The PivotPost is a lateral post that moves in three planes. This allows it to be easily placed in the proper position to the patient and also to pivot out of the way when not in use. The unique over-the-top sweeping design prevents the patient’s leg from moving over the post when valgus stress or a figure-four position is applied. The …