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    • Flipcutter 0 small
      • The innovative FlipCutter® is an all-in-one guide pin and reamer that allows minimally invasive socket creation from the inside out. The FlipCutter allows a whole new level of freedom in socket positioning and is ideal for hard-to-reach areas such as tibial socket creation for PCLR and anatomic femoral socket creation for ACLR. The FlipCutter II …
    • Retroconstruction 0 small
      • Retrograde drilling utilizing RetroConstruction instrumentation gives surgeons the ability to precisely place femoral and tibial sockets/tunnels without the constraints of standard outside in drills.  RetroConstruction also has been shown to create better quality tunnels without intrarticular fracturing and allow for the creation of …
    • Retrodrill 0 small
      • Arthroscopically controlled retrograde drilling of femoral and tibial sockets and tunnels provides greater flexibility and accuracy in anatomic graft placement and guidance to avoid previous tunnels and intraosseous hardware. Inside/out drilling also minimizes incisions and intraarticular bone fragmentation of tunnel rims. 
    • Short flipcutter two 0 small
      • The Short FlipCutter II drill is 3.54” shorter than the standard FlipCutter II drill. This shorter length decreases the distance surgeons must reach while drilling, enabling more control and accuracy. The Short FlipCutter II drill is also ideal for pediatric procedures when using a C-Arm. Together with the Side Release …