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ACL reconstruction

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    • Acl reconstruction 0 small
      • ACL reconstruction involves replacing the torn ACL with tissue taken from the patient (autograft) or taken from a tissue donor (allograft). This procedure is usually done arthroscopically and involves making tunnels in the femur and tibia, allowing passage of the graft material to reconstruct the ACL. The All-Inside technique offers surgeons a …
    • Anterolateral ligament reconstruction 0 small
      • The anterolateral ligament is a ligament of the knee that plays a role in rotational stability. It has been described as far back as 1879 when Dr. Paul Segond first noted a “pearly, resistant fibrous band” originating at the lateral epicondyle of the femur and continuing to the tibia. Recent studies have confirmed the existence and …
    • Knee graft fixation devices 0 small
      • Arthrex continues to make advancements in graft fixation devices. With the input of some of the most innovative surgeons in sports medicine, Arthrex has created a comprehensive and innovative line of graft fixation products available. Our family of TightRope products, along with industry leading BioComposite fixation devices, and a variety …
    • Knee graft tubes set 0 small
      • Arthrex® Graft Tubes are full circumference, full length, clear tubes that facilitate graft compression, sizing and preparation. The unique transparent tubes with an etched ruler allow visualization of the graft during diameter and length sizing. Funneled entrance and attachable handle ease the entry of grafts into the …
    • Medial portal femoral socket preparation 0 small
      • Arthrex offers several options for femoral ACL socket creation through the medial portal. Dedicated TransPortal Offset Guides and Low-Profile Reamers work together to facilitate visualization and reduce the chance of damage to the medial femoral condyle during drilling in a hyperflexed position. The Arthrex Flexible Reamer System reduces the …
    • Knee sterile cannulated reamers 0 small
      • Full thickness cannulated drills, with calibrated depth marks, are designed specially for ACL tibial tunnels, PCL tibial and femoral tunnels and standard two-incision ACL reconstruction procedures. For customers who prefer one-time-use instrumentation, Arthrex® offers full thickness, cannulated drills that are packed sterile.