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ACL independent drilling

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    • Acl retroconstruction flipcutter 0 small
      • Replicating the anatomical placement advantages of outside/in guide pin placement without transosseous tunnels, the ACL RetroConstruction™ System allows all retrograde inside drilling of anatomical ACL and PCL sockets or tunnels. The innovative FlipCutter® is an all-in-one guide pin and reamer that allows minimally invasive socket creation …
    • All inside acl reconstruction flipcutter 0 small
      • The GraftLink® technique provides the ultimate in anatomic, minimally invasive, and reproducible ACL reconstruction. Used in combination with anatomic guides, the FlipCutter drill allows independent femoral and tibial "retrodrilling" to create sockets while maintaining the cortices to maximize fixation. Two suspension TightRope® fixation …