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    • Achilles insertional tendinopathy 0 small
      • It is characterized by pain over boney prominences or spurs located at the posterior superior aspect of the calcaneus.  Arthrex has developed the Achilles SpeedBridge, Achilles SutureBridge, and Bio-Tenodesis techniques  to address this type of pathology.  
    • Arthroflex 0 small
      • ArthroFlex dermal allograft is an acellular dermal extracellular matrix intended for supplemental support and covering for soft-tissue repair. MatrACELL®* technology, a patented and validated process, renders the ArthroFlex allograft dermis acellular without compromising biomechanical or biochemical properties. This process allows the matrix …
    • Achilles fiberwire suture technique 0 small
      • FiberWire® can be used for open Achilles repair.  The superior strength allows tighter loop security during knot tying and increasing knot integrity while reducing the knot profile compared to standard polyester suture.
    • Achilles tendon fixation 0 small
      • Arthrex has developed a procedure for this with the Achilles SpeedBridge.  This four-anchor construct enables a true knotless repair and a greater area of compression for the Achilles tendon on the calcaneus, improving stability and possibly allowing for earlier return to normal activities.