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  • Procedure/Product Pages (2)
    • Dovetail meniscal allograft set 0 small
      • The technique used with the Dovetail Meniscal Transplant Set creates a trapezoidal bone block allograft for a bone-to-bone interlock, requiring no additional bone graft fixation. The soft tissue/meniscus portion of the graft still needs to be sutured/fixed. The instrumentation easily and consistently prepares the patient's recipient trough …
    • Meniscal transplant 0 small
      • Meniscal transplant systems are designed for meniscal allograft implantation with rigid fixation at the horn attachments. Specifically, the Dovetail Meniscal Allograft Set fashions a trapezoidal meniscal allograft, which is more easily reproducible, for a bone-to-bone interlock with a patient’s similarly shaped tibial trough. Generally …