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Arthrex, Inc.
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    • Coolcut curved blades 0 small
      • Arthrex CoolCut™ Curved Shaver Blades are now available in a wide variety of tip styles, diameters and lengths. Used in conjunction with the APS II System, the CoolCut Curved Blades can be utilized to treat any pathology from meniscectomies to arthroscopic hip debridement. The proprietary inner tube design provides a free flow suction …
    • Coolcut specialty length small joint 0 small
      • The CoolCut™ specialty-length shaver blades represent a wide range of high-quality, single-use shaver blades for arthroscopic surgical procedures of the hip, ankle, wrist, and elbow. The disposable sterile shaver blades can be used in all Arthrex shaver handpieces and can be inserted with the cutting window in the up or down position. …
    • Elevators 0 small
      • Shoulder tissue elevators are essential for arthroscopic labral repair procedures. Sharp, thin-bladed Tissue Elevators are available in varying angles and styles allowing the surgeon to precisely separate tissue from the glenoid rim to facilitate shifting of the glenoid labrum.   Arthrex offers both modular and non-modular tissue elevator …