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Arthrex, Inc.
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ArthroBox™ Arthroscopic Triangulation Training System

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    • Ref. #: VID1-00422-EN
    • Version: C
    • Duration: 00:01:21
    • Publication Date: 3/25/15
    • Revision Date: 8/7/17
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    • Available in High Definition
    • Presenter: Christopher Adams, MD
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Chris Adams, MD, (Arthrex® VP of Global Medical Education) demonstrates the ArthroBox™ skills training kit, a fully integrated arthroscopy video camera, scope and LED light source that you just plug into your laptop as a monitor with a modular, enclosed fixture to practice a variety of arthroscopic surgical skills and techniques. The very affordable ArthroBox system is fully transportable with interchangeable inserts of specific anatomical replicates or triangulation teaching configurations.