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The SuctionBlu* disposable surgical mat combines the absorbency of the poly-backed Dri-Safe®* pad and the nonslip, anti-fatigue memory foam construction of The EcoSuctioner®* mat with powerful, quiet, continuous suction capability. These features add up to ensure a drier, safer, and cleaner operating room.

The graduated slots on The SuctionBlu mat use gravity to direct fluids towards the suction tube. The SuctionBlu mat easily attaches to any operating room vacuum source in seconds and efficiently manages unwanted fluids, keeping them off of the OR floor. The SuctionBlu mat is smaller and more economical than the EcoSuctioner mat but larger than The Suctioner mat. 

*The SuctionBlu, Dri-Safe, and The EcoSuctioner are trademarks of Flagship Surgical, LLC.

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