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The PowerPick and PowerPick XL provide a fast and easy method for performing microfracture procedures using the APS II Shaver System. The PowerPick has a drill depth of 4 mm and the PowerPick XL's drill depth is 6 mm. This additional 2 mm depth allows for adequate penetration into subchondral bone when perpendicular position of the drill tip is difficult to achieve. 

The PowerPicks are also ideal tools for measuring osteochondral defects using the leading edge of the laser mark, which is 5 mm from the sheath end, as a guide.

Another useful application is to mark the femoral tunnel location in ACL reconstruction procedures by using the drill tip to mark the tunnel location within the femoral notch. Using the 2 mm wide laser mark, the approximate tunnel location can be determined through the medial portal by placing the end of the sheath at the over-the-top position. The trailing edge of the laser mark, which is 7 mm from the end of the sheath, is used to reference the center of the tunnel in a single bundle ACL technique. 

The leading edge of the laser mark, which is 5 mm from the end of the sheath, is used to reference the center of the posterior tunnel in a double bundle ACL technique. After marking its position, the same measurement method is used to reference the center of the anterior tunnel referenced from the previously marked posterior tunnel position. 

All PowerPick options have a working length of 13 cm and a drill diameter of 1.5 mm. The PowerPick is available with tip angles of 30 and 45 degrees, while the PowerPick XL features a 45 degree tip angle. 

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