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Arthrex's Synergy Hip Arthroscopes and Sheath System feature several benefits. The scopes are available in both eye-coupler and C-mount options. The scopes have a 3.5 mm outer diameter (OD) compared to an industry standard 4 mm. This allows the high-flow sheath to have an OD of 5.2 mm versus the typical 6 mm sheath. Decreasing the OD provides more room to maneuver within the hip. The tapered tip of the sheath aids in gaining access into the hip joint, along with the cannulated obturator. The working length of the hip scopes are 202 mm and 204 mm for the 30° and 70° respectively. This extended length allows full access into the majority of patients without the need to use the typical competitive extended length scope (300 mm). The eye-coupler design is compatible with the StarFish™ scope rotation attachment.

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