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Synergy Bridge Systems

The synergy bridge systems is for surgeons who currently use a competitive bridge/cannula system. The main purpose of a bridge is to help maintain portals with the use of metal cannulas. Your typical bridge user will have two cannulas placed in the joint, one viewing portal and one working portal. The cannulas feature a J-Lock type connection to the bridge, which allows for quick and easy portal changes. The Arthrex® shaver blades screw in to the cannulas to make a seal which helps maintain distention in the joint.

The bridge and cannula systems are offered with or without seals. The sealed cannulas work similarly to our disposable cannula by keeping the fluid in the joint when the scope moves from portal to portal. There is an inflow stopcock on the cannula that allows the inflow or outflow to connect and maintain joint distention. The bridge has an extended tube on the distal end that opens the dam if the user inflows through the bridge stopcock. The bridges for the standard and sealed cannulas are not interchangeable.

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