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DFU Lookup Instructions

eDFU Logo provides three different ways on how to locate our Directions For Use (DFU). The recommended way to locate a DFU is by product lookup. Alternatively, you can search for DFUs using the search feature or you can select a DFU from the comprehensive DFU repository. All of these options are explained below:


DFU Retrieval by Product Lookup

  1. Navigate to a product page (for instance via the site’s search feature).
  2. Select the DFU of choice from the “Instructions for Use” section on the left.


DFU Image 1


DFU Retrieval by Search 

  1. Search for a DFU by DFU number (for instance DFU-0222).
  2. Select the DFU of choice.


DFU Image 2


DFU Retrieval by Repository Lookup

  1. Locate the DFU repository by navigating to
  2. If necessary, sort the DFU repository by selecting a sort option on the left.
  3. Select the DFU of choice.


DFU Image 3



Please note: These DFUs on are for website reference only. Please refer to the package insert DFU for official instructions for use.