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The Mini TightRope® is a low profile system designed to correct a number of forefoot deformities including hallux valgus, Lisfranc disruptions, Tailor’s bunion and hallux varus. Comprised of #2 FiberWire and two stainless steel buttons, this device improves foot and ankle patient care with its strength and versatility.  

A FiberWire and button construct (distal approach) or FiberWire and anchor construct (proximal) are placed across the first and second metatarsals. As the FiberWire is tightened, the IM angle is reduced to a normal value (less than 9-11 degrees). Using the button or anchor construct, the suture is tied over the button, maintaining a secure reduction of the deformity. Used alone or in conjunction with soft tissue repair, this technique affords a greater degree of strength and security than can be achieved with a soft tissue repair alone.

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