The SutureLasso™ family includes the original SutureLasso, Small Diameter SutureLasso , the QuickPass SutureLasso, and the MicroSutureLasso and all are single use instruments packaged sterile.  Each type has various curved tip configurations for arthroscopic Bankart, SLAP & rotator cuff repairs. The original SutureLasso has a 2.3 mm outer diameter tip and comes preloaded with a monofilament loop of suture used to shuttle suture through soft tissue. The Small Diameter Lasso has a 1.8 mm tip diameter and comes preloaded with a Nitinol Wire Loop used to shuttle suture through soft tissue.  The QuickPass Lasso has the same dimensions as the Small Diameter Lasso and features thumb wheels to advance the Nitinol Wire Loop.  Both of these instruments can also be loaded with a monofilament suture for shuttling or with #2 FiberStick to pass a stitch when using the PushLock or SwiveLock anchors eliminating the shuttle step.     

The sharp tip and small diameter shaft will easily penetrate soft tissue while the reinforced shaft resists bending. After the tip is passed through soft tissue, the loop is deployed and retrieved through a cannula with a Crochet Hook or Suture Retriever. A suture strand or suture tail from a previously placed suture anchor is placed in the loop, and the opposite end of the loop is pulled, delivering the suture through tissue and out the cannula.

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