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Univers Fracture Technique

The Univers fracture prosthesis is indicated for treatment of comminuted fractures of the proximal humerus, humeral head fractures, displaced three or four part proximal humerus fractures, avascular necrosis of the humeral head and fractures of the anatomic neck. The shoulder humeral fracture prosthesis is designed for cemented or cementless use. Through the unique design of the implant and instrumentation, the Univers Shoulder Fracture System addresses the issues relating to stabilization of the humeral prosthesis and accurate positioning of the humeral head, combined with a straightforward reproducible protocol to accurately reduce and repair the tuberosity.  

Features & Benefits:
· Suture fixation: Multiple suture eyelets on the trunion and lateral fin for anatomic reconstruction of the tuberosity.
· Head height guides: A preoperative and intraoperative measuring guide to accurately set the humeral head height, without the need for technically demanding and complicated fracture jigs.
· Intraoperative adjustable humeral head prosthesis for secondary correction of the implant head height in situ. 
· A preoperative and intraoperative measure guide to accurately set the humeral head height with need for technically demanding and complicated fracture jigs. 
· Lateral fin positions with suture eyelets for anatomic reconstruction of the tuberosities. 
· Multiple suture eyelets on the trunion to prevent secondary displacement of the tuberosities. 
· Smooth chambered dimples in the medial aspect of the humeral stem to allow suture fixation of the tuberosity fragments without causing suture fraying and breakage. 
· Variable eccentric adjustment of the humeral head for anatomic reconstruction. 

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