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    • Hand and wrist trim it pins 0 small
      • Trim-It Pins™ make pin placement easier.  By using a standard quick connect pin driver, bioabsorbable pins can be drilled and placed all in one easy step. The bioabsorbable portion of the pin is seated in the pin driver during the drilling phase. The metal tip is drilled past the far cortex and cut off with the Bone Cutting Forceps or …
    • Hand and wrist bio screws and pins 0 small
      • Arthrex Bio-Compression screws and pins are versatile and may be used to treat a broad range of indications in both lower and upper extremities.  Bio-Compression screws are an excellent solution for a variety of complications such as hardware prominence, postoperative imaging, and arthrodesis of small bones in the wrist or fingers. …
    • Chondral dart 0 small
      • The bioabsorbable PLLA Chondral Dart™ has a unique, double reversed barbed design to facilitate superior fixation and compression of osteochondral flap tears up to 2 cm in diameter. The 18 mm long, 1.3 mm diameter Chondral Dart provides secure fixation under the hyaline cartilage surface to eliminate contact with sensitive articulating surfaces.