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Arthrex provides a variety of Shoulder Rasps for arthroscopic and open shoulder debridement to assist with preparation of the glenoid rim prior to a labral or SLAP repair.  

The flat, angled Glenoid Rasp is designed specifically for debriding the rim during Bankart repair procedures. The curved Shoulder Debridement Rasp allows access to the inferior or superior rim from a standard anterior portal.

The SLAP Rasp and Bankart Rasp facilitate arthroscopic debridement of the glenoid rim in tighter joint spaces when inserted through a superior arthroscopic portal. The SLAP Rasp has a 15° tip angle, like the Glenoid Rasp, but the rasp surface is on the inside. This is ideal for preparing the glenoid rim in the posterior area. The Bankart Rasp has a small 90° tip angle with a 4.65 mm x 7 mm surface and is well suited for preparing the glenoid rim in the anterior-superior quadrant.

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