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BreakThrough™ with Christopher Adams, MD - Episode 9: Surgical Outcomes System™ Global Registry

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    • Ref. #: VID1-01295-EN
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    • Duration: 00:20:05
    • Publication Date: 2/20/18
    • Revision Date: 2/28/18
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    • Presenters: Christopher Adams, MD, Laurence D. Higgins, MD, MBA, Patrick J. Denard, MD, John M. Tokish, MD
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Arthrex® presents the ninth episode of the BreakThrough™ program featuring the Surgical Outcomes System™ global registry. It is an open discussion program with leading surgeons that explores how emerging innovations in technology are creating an exciting and evolving patient‐reported outcomes platform for orthopedic physicians. This educational opportunity includes expert analysis, highlighting the latest functionality and information about the first global registry in orthopedics to encompass all orthopedic subspecialties, including both surgical and nonoperative treatments. Joining host Christopher Adams, MD, are in‐studio guests, Patrick J. Denard, MD, (Medford, OR), Laurence D. Higgins, MD, MBA, (Boston, MA) and John M. Tokish, MD, (Phoenix, AZ). They will share their experiences and discuss the Surgical Outcomes System global registry.