ACL TightRope® Button Extender

The TightRope® Button Extender can be used to create a larger footprint than a traditional TightRope button, resulting in additional cortical fixation. A TightRope button fits into the recessed section of the Button Extender, creating a large 20 mm x 5 mm footprint that maximizes button-to-bone contact against the cortex.  The TightRope Button Extender can be used following accidental cortical blowouts, revision ACL Surgery, and when full tunnels are utilized.  

The minimum tunnel size to pass the Button Extender is 5 mm. The maximum tunnel size where the Button Extender can maintain cortical fixation is 11 mm.  The button comes sterile packed and can be used in conjunction with the TightRope, TightRope RT, TightRope DB, or BTB TightRope.