Univers Revers™ Cadaveric Demonstration

The Arthrex Univers Revers Shoulder System provides the orthopaedic surgeon the option to implant a traditional “Grammont Style” configuration which follows the principles of a constrained environment that medializes the center of rotation and lengthens the deltoid, resulting in increased torque with forward flexion.  In addition, this unique design offers an option to choose a more anatomic center of rotation by decreasing the neck-shaft angle from 155 degrees to 135 degrees with a more lateral center of rotation.  The more lateralized center of rotation decreases the risk of scapular notching, while increasing the external rotator torque by lengthening the intact posterior cuff musculature.  This adjustable neck-shaft angle, in combination with the wide range of offset options available in the humeral and glenoid components, allows the surgeon to tailor an implant specific to each patient’s anatomy and disease process.