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How I Use SOS™ in My Practice

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    • Duration: 00:01:07
    • Publication Date: 3/30/17
    • Revision Date: 4/11/17
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    • Presenter: John M. Tokish, MD
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John M. Tokish, MD, (Greenville, SC) discusses why orthopedic surgeons should collect patient-reported outcomes with Surgical Outcomes System™ (SOS) global registry. These reasons include the new U.S. reimbursement Quality Payment Plan, and the ability for patients to feel connected to their physician and their own care. Dr. Tokish explains how he uses SOS™ registry in his own practice to establish his own benchmarks and remotely follow patients. He highlights the beneficial and successful relationship SOS registry has had with the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA) in collecting patient-reported outcomes.