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Short FlipCutter® II Reamer and Side Release RetroConstruction™ Guide System

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    • Ref. #: VID1-00666-EN
    • Version: B
    • Duration: 00:08:49
    • Publication Date: 12/28/15
    • Revision Date: 12/23/16
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    • Presenter: Frank A. Cordasco, MD, MS
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Frank A. Cordasco, MD, MS, (New York, NY) demonstrates the short FlipCutter® II Reamer and the new Side Release RetroConstruction™ Guide System. These new instruments simplify FlipCutter drilling by allowing the guide to be removed from the side versus having to pull back the sleeve. Short FlipCutter Reamers are easier to use, can be more accurate and allow usage within a C‐arm for guided drilling. The new Drill Sleeves have a ratcheting feature for one‐handed sleeve advancement that holds the guide securely against bone.