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The Arthrex Virtual Surgery™ app provides you 24/7 mobile access to Arthrex’s interactive surgical technique library - online as well as offline. To learn more, view the Arthrex Virtual Surgery app tutorial.


  • The Arthrex Virtual Surgery™ app is compatible with iPad 2nd Generation or later. 
  • The app requires iOS 10.0 or later. Instructions for upgrading your OS can be found here:  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4623

Key Features:

  • Test-Drive surgical techniques interactively by making step-based decisions.
  • Learn the steps and required instrumentation to perform surgical techniques.
  • Experience the learning benefits of using a participatory learning tool.
  • Understand the sequence in which to use surgical instruments and implants. 
  • Become “Virtual Surgery Certified” by taking and passing interactive exams. 
  • View your exam history to understand your learning progress. 
  • Access your personal “History of Completion” and email a copy to yourself or others. 
  • View high-quality 3D surgical technique animations prior to taking exams. 
  • View animations and take exams online as well as offline.


Virtual Surgery Technique List:

AC Repair Using Dog Bone™ Button Technology
Biceps SwiveLock®
Distal Biceps Repair Using the BicepsButton™ and Tension Slide Technique
Distal Clavicle Fracture Repair Using Coracoid Fixation
Open Latarjet Instrumentation
Proximal Biceps Repair Using SwiveLock® Tenodesis
Subpectoral Biceps Tenodesis Using Cortical Buttons
Univers™ Apex

ACL Reconstruction with the FlipCutter® and GraftLink®
ACL Tibial Fixation Using GraftBolt®
Arthroscopic Inlay PCL Reconstruction with PCL TightRope®
iBalance® HTO
iBalance® Patellofemoral Joint Arthroplasty
Medial Patellofemoral Ligament Repair
Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy using the T3 AMZ System
Unicondylar Knee Resurfacing with the iBalance® UKA System

Femoral Neck Osteoplasty For Cam Lesion
Hip Labral Reconstruction
Hip Labral Repair Utilizing the PushLock® Suture Anchor

Foot & Ankle
1st Metatarsal Phalangeal Joint Arthrodesis
Achilles Midsubstance SpeedBridge™
AnaToemic® Hemi-Prosthesis
Ankle Fracture Management System
CFS Lisfranc Ligament Repair
CFS Metatarsal Fracture Repair
Comprehensive Foot System
Compression FT Screw - Chevron
Compression Plate for Lapidus Arthrodesis
CPR Viper™
CPR™ Complete Plantar Plate Repair
Hallux Valgus Repair with the Metal Mini TightRope® FT
InternalBrace™ Ligament Augmentation Repair
InternalBrace™ Spring Ligament Augmentation Repair
Lateral Ankle Reconstruction
Metatarsal Opening Wedge Technique
Mini TightRope® Lisfranc Repair

Hand & Wrist
Distal Radius Fracture Repair

ACP - Autologous Conditioned Plasma
Arthrex Quickset™ Calcium Phosphate Cement
BioCartilage® Utilization within the Knee