Iliotibial Band Tenodesis Using the FiberStaple™ Technique With the Self-Punching 2.6 Knotless FiberTak® Anchor

Justin J. Mitchell, MD (La Crosse, WI), demonstrates a modified Lemaire iliotibial band (ITB) tenodesis procedure using the FiberStaple™ technique. Dr. Mitchell uses a 2.6 Knotless FiberTak® anchor for fixation on the femur. This new technique eliminates risks such as hardware prominence from staples, graft laceration from screws, and tunnel convergence with the femoral ACL tunnel—challenges and complications commonly encountered with traditional ITB tenodesis techniques. The small, strong 2.6 Knotless FiberTak anchor minimizes disruption to the surrounding anatomy and preserves more native bone. Its titratable functionality enables anchor deployment, graft tensioning, ROM evaluation, and, if necessary, graft retensioning.

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Justin J. Mitchell, MD

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