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ACL Reconstruction using Presutured Allograft GraftLink® Augmented with StimuBlast® Demineralized Bone Matrix

Alan Hirahara, MD, (Sacramento, CA) demonstrates the All-Inside® ACL Reconstruction utilizing the Presutured Allograft GraftLink and StimuBlast DBM mixed with PRP.  This minimally invasive procedure utilizes sockets, instead of tunnels, created with the Arthrex FlipCutter®. The Presutured Allograft GraftLink provides custom lengths and diameters for each patient, eliminates the uncertainty of tendon diameter when utilizing a non-sutured allograft or autograft, reduces the chances of complications due to additional surgical sites, and saves OR time. The addition of StimuBlast DBM in the sockets provides an osteoinductive material around the graft potentially helping with bone-tendon integration.