Proximal Biceps Tenodesis

Paul Sethi, MD, (Greenwich, CT) discusses the issues regarding the diagnosis and treatment of proximal biceps pathology.

  • What is normal tissue appearance on arthroscopic examination?
  • Is tenotomy alone good enough?
  • Is there a role for limited debridement?
  • Who is a candidate for tenodesis?

He also discusses the best location options relative to safety and efficacy; high bicepital groove, suprapec, subpec. In addition, Dr. Sethi explains the best fixation options; soft tissue, anchors, interference screws, buttons, or a combination. Dr. Sethi thoroughly demonstrates his preferred arthroscopic technique with the SwiveLock® Tenodesis Implant and open subpec biceps tenodesis using the Arthrex FiberLoop®, Biceps Button, and Tenodesis Screw, with associated pearls.

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