MIS Achilles SpeedBridge™ Repair System Animation

The MIS Achilles SpeedBridge™ repair system provides a minimally invasive, percutaneous approach to addressing insertional Achilles pathology. This innovative, novel concept requires 25% less material than the original SpeedBridge construct and has double its biomechanical strength,1 along with a tensionable, knotless rip-stop. The system includes an MIS burr, cannulated drills and taps, and a laser line window to determine depth of SwiveLock® anchors. Additionally, the system incorporates collagen‐coated FiberTape® suture with new differentiating colors. The MIS Achilles SpeedBridge repair system provides rigid tendon fixation with improved tendon-to-bone opposition such that immediate postoperative weightbearing and range of motion may be possible. 2,3


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