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Arthrex Launches Surgeon App for Android - Access to Hundreds of New Surgical Technique Videos, Animations and Related Science!

Android Surgeon App_tabletArthrex is excited to announce the launch of the Arthrex Surgeon App for Android. Developed and optimized for the latest Android devices, surgeons can now access medical education content anywhere and anytime. The app assists orthopaedic surgeons in a variety of ways and is a must-have tool for anyone interested in exploring Arthrex’s extensive knowledge and resource library. By releasing a state-of-the-art mobile app for Android, Arthrex demonstrates its uncompromising commitment to innovation and education once again.  

The app includes the following features designed to assist the busy orthopaedic surgeon:

Android Surgeon App_galaxy


-Access to hundreds of surgical technique videos, animations and related science
-HD surgical technique videos with leading surgeons
-Extensive digital orthopaedic knowledge library
-Video streaming from the "cloud" for improved performance and speed
-Drill down from broad to very specific topics with intuitive content organization and labeling
-Experience a faster information discovery process by intuitively filtering out irrelevant content
-Sophisticated information architecture that was developed in close collaboration with leading orthopaedic surgeons




Gain immediate access to hundreds of digital resources and streamline the way you educate yourself, as well as your patients, by downloading the Arthrex Surgeon App today.

Requirements: login
-Android 4.1 or later  

The Arthrex Surgeon App is also available for iOS 8.0 or later.

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