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    • Knotless suturetak 0 small
      • The Knotless SutureTak anchor simplifies arthroscopic glenohumeral joint instability repair by combining a proven1 and reproducible suture anchor design and insertion procedure with knotless soft tissue fixation. Use the guide and drill to create a pilot hole precisely on the glenoid rim and insert the suture anchor through the guide …
    • Lateral epicondylitis repair 0 small
      • If nonsurgical treatment options fail to heal the injured area, diseased tissue may be removed using a simple open surgical technique. Make a 2 cm to 3 cm incision over the injured area of the elbow, debride the diseased tissue, and reattach the healthy tissue.
    • Lateral epicondylitis 0 small
      • Lateral epicondylitis, or tennis elbow, is an inflammatory response of the wrist extensor muscles at the proximal insertion site caused by overuse of the extensor carpis radialis brevis (ECRB). This irritation can cause localized pain on the lateral epicondyle, on the ECRB path below the elbow, and decreased grip strength.