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Arthrex Vet Systems Partners with Naples Equestrian Challenge

Two very special horses at Naples Equestrian Challenge (NEC) are feeling much better thanks to Arthrex’s Vet Systems division.  Dynamite, a 29-year-old Mustang gelding, has a soft tissue injury in his left hind knee, and Buddy, an 18-year-old American Paint/Quarter Horse gelding, has arthritis in both hind hock joints.  Arthrex Vet Systems manufactures two effective biologic treatments, IRAP II and ACP, for each of the conditions affecting the horses.

As part of its marketing efforts, Arthrex needed to film Hank Gendron, DVM administering the treatments to horses.  In their effort to plan for the video, Dr. Gendron and Arthrex immediately thought of the NEC horses, and the opportunity to help horses that are giving back to the community.  So, on March 2, 2012, Dr. Gendron, along with the Arthrex film crew, arrived at the NEC barn to film Dr. Gendron administering the Arthrex ACP (Autologous Conditioned Plasma) treatment to Dynamite and the Arthrex IRAP II to Buddy.

The ACP treatment delivers a high concentration of plasma rich platelets to the soft tissue injury site, increasing the amount of growth factors which help the injury heal.  The IRAP II is an anti-inflammatory therapy that blocks one of the major inflammatory substances the body releases in the event of injury or arthritis.
Buddy and Dynamite are doing very well, showing much improvement, and are now happily performing their special jobs at NEC!

NEC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization offering therapeutic riding for Collier County adults and children with disabilities.

Arthrex Vet Systems

Arthrex Vet Systems

Arthrex Vet Systems

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