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Arthrex Employees Support Largest Back to School Bonanza Yet


Arthrex employees helped local foster families prepare for the new school year at the Back to School Bonanza on August 4. The annual event is hosted by Friends of Foster Children Forever (FFCF), an organization dedicated to helping Collier County’s foster children reach their full potential through education and enrichment.

Volunteers2The Back to School Bonanza provides foster children and their siblings with brand new backpacks, sneakers, notebooks, uniforms, haircuts and even vision and dental exams before the kids go back to school in the fall. This year, FFCF partnered with 19 local companies and organizations to gather supplies and vouchers for free tutoring and after-school programs.

More than 30 Arthrex employees volunteered at the event by helping families navigate the fair and serving snacks and desserts to the kids. Many employees even recruited family members to volunteer with them.

CSV Analyst III Michael Falco who volunteered at the event said, “I loved it. There was a pure feeling of community and it made me so proud to be a part of Arthrex.”

Arthrex has been the main sponsor of the event since it began in 2014. This was the largest so far with more than 350 children registered. 

Maria Bustamante, Ready for 5 liaison, said on behalf of FFCF, “I cannot express how grateful we are that we have such wonderful volunteers on our side. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”


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