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  • Procedure/Product Pages (8)
    • Hip suture passers retrievers graspers 0 small
      • The Suture Cutter’s precision jaws prevent knot cutting by leaving a length of reproducible suture tail, 3 mm for the 4.2 mm outer diameter cutter and 1 mm for the 2.75 mm outer diameter cutters, without direct visual control. The blunt tip of the cutter is excellent for knot pushing.   The open ended Suture Cutter was designed for …
    • Shoulder suture passers retrievers graspers 0 small
      • Arthrex has a comprehensive offering of products designed to simplify suture and tissue management tasks.  The selection includes a variety of reusable tissue graspers, suture retrievers and crochet hooks that can accommodate various surgical techniques. Our goal is to make technically demanding procedures easier, safer and more …
    • Knee hand instruments 0 small
      • Hand instruments for the knee have state-of-the-art quality, durability, a precise tactile feel, and an extremely low-profile tip. These features facilitate easier access to pathology in tight joint spaces with precision cutting edges and precise resection control. EDM manufacturing technology with stainless steel edges provides maximum …
    • Shoulder knot tying 0 small
      • Arthrex has a comprehensive offering of products designed to simplify the task of tying knots. The selection includes a variety of knot pushers and finger protectors.
    • Penetrator retriever 0 small
      • The Penetrator™ Retriever is a unique instrument that combines a small penetrating tip with a suture grasper to allow suture delivery or extraction in one step. The 2.7 mm diameter tip slides easily through the tissue with the suture either sliding or grasped within the self-ratcheting mechanism. A special version, with wider jaw, …
    • Rhino suture passer 0 small
      • The Rhino Suture Passer is the next generation in reusable suture passing devices. The extremely sharp, small diameter tip will easily penetrate soft tissue and the ridged 3.4 mm shaft will resist bending and flexing during tissue shifting procedures. The configurations include straight, left and right curve with an upturned tip. The novel …
    • Ring curettes 0 small
      • Arthrex Ring Curettes are available in a variety of shaft and tip configurations for specific arthroscopic bone resection indications. Lightweight, ergonomic handles provide excellent tactile control and feature an identifier that indicates tip direction and position.
    • Suturelassos 0 small
      • Arthrex has a comprehensive offering of disposable SutureLasso™ with various curved tip configurations to accommodate atraumatic suture passage for arthroscopic Bankart, SLAP and rotator cuff repairs.